Moving on up….

28 Jun

Thursday the moving company showed up to take our boxes to San Marcos, Texas. We had them all ready to go. They came in a 48 foot long truck and loaded our stuff into it in about an hour and a half.

Its pretty convenient to be able to have someone else load the truck and drive it for us (and suprisingly cheaper then doing it ourselves). We spent the night at the apartment Thursday night, as Seth had to work on Friday. I stayed home and cleaned out the apartment and got it ready for the walk-through. Boy was i exhausted.

We left the apartment and met my mom, Jill and Jason at Bollweevil. We had steerburgers and listened to some good toons. It felt like the old days when we would go to Bollweevil every Friday night growing up.

We spent the night at my mom’s house and got to sleep in. My sister Robin came over and we went to lunch. It was great to see her and say goodbye.

We are getting ready for our going away shin dig tonight…

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