Dancing in Bandanas…

29 Jun

Last night we got together with some of our closest friends at Jill and Jason’s house. It was great to see them before we left for Texas. I put a bandana on all the guys as they entered the party!

Josh, Jason, Seth and Troy

Josh, Jason, Seth and Troy

They looked like cowboys!!!! Too cute. We have a bunch of close friends, but its funny that they do not all know each other! It was the perfect mix of people. I got to finally hold baby heidi!!! She is too cute! We danced for awhile and it was tons of fun!

my girls

my girls

I was afraid that I was going to cry when saying goodbye, but I held it together. I did come close to crying a couple times while giving the goodbye hugs.

Seth and I spent the night Saturday. Mom came over after meeting to say goodbye. We gave our goodbye hugs and I didn’t want to let go of Jill. She is my bestest friend!!! We got in the car and drove out of their driveway and Seth said “No Tears?” I pointed to the lump in my throat, since my tears were stuck there. As we left their community I dropped a few tears. I know I will see them again and soon.

We want to go to Austin City Limits in September. That will be fun!!!

Off we drove to Menifee to visit my grandparents, we got there and I took Grandma to Ross, she got some new pants. We met Grandpa, Seth, Albert, Carol and their grandson Tristen at Asia (A Chinese Buffet). We had a great time with them.

We are going to spend the night tonight and then tomorrow afternoon, we take off for Peoria, Arizona to visit Ali & Jason….

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