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More about Max…

Max is a long hair dachshund, he is 7 yrs old and about 15 pounds.

He was Aunt Pat’s outside dog, so i took him to petsmart to get groomed. Now he smells better and looks handsome. I also bought him a bed and Ava picked a squeeky pizza toy for Max.

Max is very curious, he has been sniffing my baseboards in my living room, kitchen and the hallways.

Check him out…

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Guess what Seth came home with today…

His name is Max. He is 7 yrs old and weighs about 15 lbs.

I will write more when i get to know this dog a little better. 🙂

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Eye Pillows…

Yesterday i went to the Goodwill to look for a sewing table. I found an old computer desk with two shelves. It was only $6.00, so I had to get it. I took it home, cleaned it. Then i took a twin size bed sheet, and after cutting it to the correct size, I tacked it onto the desk to make it more enclosed.

I like that it is enclosed, so that Ava won’t get into it and that the whole world won’t see my sewing stuff.

Today, I decided to finally make my eye pillows! I had purchased some silk scarves that I cut into pieces and used for my pillows.

I am getting used to my new sewing machine. It is fun!

One more thing i forgot….Did you know Goodwill has a website where they sell stuff?

Check it out!

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Stomping Grapes…

Today I drove seth to work at aunt Pat’s vineyard. He was going to pick grapes today with aunt pat. When we arrived at the vineyard, Pat, Cindy (Pat’s daughter/seth’s cousin), Brad (Cindy’s husband) and Wyatt (Cindy’s son) were there. Ava saw her grandma (Pat) and got so excited! We jumped out of the car and went into the vineyard. As we walked around we noticed that almost the entire Zinfandel crop had been eaten! They appear to have been picked, eaten and the skins thrown on the ground. We walked around the perimeter of the vineyard and saw some holes in the fencing. They think it was a raccoon that broke in to the vineyard.

Something funny happened, Ava picked a grape, threw it on the ground (with force) and stomped it!

No one told her to do it, she must have heard us talking about stomping grapes and took the phrase literally.

Here is Seth walking through the vineyard.

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I received my giveaway from Indie Crafts and it is awesome!

Another giveaway that I am going to enter is on Lila Tueller’s blog.

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She’s Crafty…

Today Seth and I drove to Austin, to do some exploring. Our first stop was Craft-O-Rama . It was awesome, its a little craft store where they do classes and sell all kinds of crafty items. You can see the awesome pictures of the classes they have had on their blog. I have been reading the blog and thought I would stop by since I live here now.

Vickie Howell teaches the knitting classes, she is on DIY Network, the show is called Knitty Gritty:

Knitty Gritty presents fresh, fierce and fabulous ideas for creative knitters of all skill levels. This fresh take on an old tradition is new again as host Vickie Howell shows the coolest and hippest projects for modern knitters.

The Jewelry classes are taught by Jennifer Perkins, from the Naughty Secretary Club. If you aren’t familiar with the Naughty Secretary Club, then you must check them out! They have very very unique items. I can’t wait to take a class!!

Then we went to a mall and walked around awhile. Then Seth drug me to Cabela’s. It was the most boring experience! Tons of fishing poles, guns, knives, camouflage everything, even camouflage crocs! I walked around aimlessly trying to find something cool, but I couldn’t find anything.

Then we went to Wal Mart to buy me a sewing machine. I chose the Brother CE5000 PRW. I also bought some other items that I will need in order to sew.

My first project is to make Silk Eye Pillows with lavender and flax seeds. By the way, Seth wants me to make him button down work shirts, he says he will “never have to buy clothes again.” Boy is he sorely mistaken….lol

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Texas Sunset…

Thursday, it poured and poured. I am not sure how much rain we got, but it only lasted Thursday till like 6pm~ish. I went outside around 7~ish and took a picture of the beautiful sunset.

What do you think?

Friday, Ava and I went to the library for some craft time! She had a blast, as did i. She was playing with the glue, but didn’t know what to do with it. I took her hand and squeezed a bunch of glue into her hand…her eyes got so big and she smiled! I stuck some papers to her hands and she realized that they stick!

After awhile she asked to wash her hands. She is a neat freak already, I love it.

We also got to look at some books while at the library. Ava was amazed at how many books there were.

She is so much fun!

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