Goodmorning texas….

06 Jul

We left yesterday around 8:45am pacific time and arrived in San Marcos, Texas at 3am central time. If my math skills are correct, it took us 16 hours! It took us about 6 hours to get to the border of Texas.

Then another 10 hours through Texas…Texas is Huge!!! We are in central Texas, I cannot imagine driving the entire state! Seth got pulled over and i looked at him and asked him if he was speeding, he said no.

I was so bummed. The officer asked Seth to get out of the car. Then I heard him say that our headlight was out! Whew……That was a close one. He gave Seth a warning and let us go. We went to the local Wal Mart to buy a new light, but when Seth went to take the light out, it turned on, its probably just the wiring. Well, we finally arrived around 3am, we were exhausted. We slept in this morning.

We got a wakeup call telling us that our truck will arrive tomorrow. We are going to head over to the house to unload our car and to get ready for tomorrow….

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