Over Yonder???

08 Jul

Monday morning at 8 am the moving truck arrived with our stuff. Two guys unloaded it for us and put the boxes in the rooms. We then went to a furniture store and bought a couch and a chair, then went to Lowe’s to get a fridge. Both will be delivered on Tuesday. We got home and I unpacked my cowboy bathroom, the master bathroom and my closet. It felt good to put those rooms in order.

Today, we got to sleep in! I unpacked the kitchen while Seth unpacked the living room and hooked up the electronics. The fridge arrived, then the couches arrived. Cousin Cindy came over today with her son Wyatt. We got to hang out for a bit. Then off to the Super Wal Mart for some items needed. This Wal Mart is SUPER for a reason…it has a hair salon and Groceries!!! Its so convenient to have it all in one place! I had to take a picture of the hair salon with my camera phone…sorry the pic is kinda fuzzy…

I caught myself yesterday saying “over yonder.” I can’t believe that i just said that…and then laughed. I didn’t think that I would sound like a Texan this fast!

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