My new project…

18 Jul

Seth and I went to Garcia’s for dinner. Its a local mexican restaurant here in San Marcos. It isn’t TexMex food, but “traditional” mexican. Its funny though….when I ordered dinner the other night, i didn’t get what i thought i had ordered. I had ordered a chalupa and what they brought me was a tostada! I asked the waitress if the tostada was the “chalupa.” She said that a tostada is just the shell, not the whole thing….I laughed.

That started a conversation from Seth about how awesome my greatgrandma fina could cook, and my grandma and my mom…then he asked why I didn’t cook like them. I explained that i didn’t want to learn how to cook growing up, but that I want to learn now. That’s when it hit me! I have an idea ….

I am going to make a Cookbook/Recipe book of recipes from my family. Some of the dishes I want are:

molé, menudo, chilaquiles, fideo, chile verde, spanish rice, authentic beans, tamales, etc……

I am going to do it, I already spoke to Grandma today and she said she would help me.

Today I am making a pot of homemade beans, as per Seth’s request. Ava helped me clean the beans by pulling out the rocks and washing them.

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