Stomping Grapes…

28 Jul

Today I drove seth to work at aunt Pat’s vineyard. He was going to pick grapes today with aunt pat. When we arrived at the vineyard, Pat, Cindy (Pat’s daughter/seth’s cousin), Brad (Cindy’s husband) and Wyatt (Cindy’s son) were there. Ava saw her grandma (Pat) and got so excited! We jumped out of the car and went into the vineyard. As we walked around we noticed that almost the entire Zinfandel crop had been eaten! They appear to have been picked, eaten and the skins thrown on the ground. We walked around the perimeter of the vineyard and saw some holes in the fencing. They think it was a raccoon that broke in to the vineyard.

Something funny happened, Ava picked a grape, threw it on the ground (with force) and stomped it!

No one told her to do it, she must have heard us talking about stomping grapes and took the phrase literally.

Here is Seth walking through the vineyard.

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