yeehaw, its a rodeo…

11 Aug

We left Friday for the ranch, it was a beautiful drive into West Texas. Once we got there, we took a ride on a Ranger (its a glorified golf cart with big lug tires to go off road).

Wyatt "driving" the ranger

stream running through the ranch

Beautiful ranch sunset

We went to a rodeo, it was amazing. They had a relay race, where teams had to pass a baton to the next rider on the next horse. It was pretty funny. They also had to catch a cow, rope 3 of his legs, then get the team back on their horses for the timer to stop! Some of those cows were pretty stubborn.


Then they had to rope a cow, keep her standing and milk her. Then the guy who milked the cow had to run to the judge to show there was milk in the bottle!

The cowboy in the green shirt is milking this cow!!

Then the last event was crazy…they had a wild horse in a pen, the team had to saddle the horse, then one of the team mates had to ride the wild horse for at least 8 seconds. It doesn’t look easy…

We did not end up going to the Dance after all. We had a great time at the rodeo. I would definitely go again!

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