Greatest Surprise Ever!!! (part one)

07 Sep

Thursday night, Seth and I drove up to Austin Airport to pick up my mom. She was coming to stay for the long weekend.  We were leaving the airport and a stranger came up to me from behind….it was Jilly!!!  I say stranger because she was dressed incognito (big sunglasses, sundress with vest, boots, tons of silver/turquoise  jewelry and a hat).


We drove out to Lockhart to go to dinner at Black’s Barbecue.  Good food!!


Friday morning I had to go to work, but everyone was up early that morning… They picked me up for lunch and we went to Palmer’s.  Yummy food and beautiful atmosphere!!


Friday night we went to Landa Station for Karaoke!  It was so much fun! We started off the night by singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song!!!  Too much fun!!!  I sang More Than Words by Extreme, Seth sang Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and Jill sang Against All Odds(take a look at me now) by Phil Collins.  We had a great time!


Saturday we went thrift shopping, found tons of good stuff!! Jill bought 3 hats (sailor, straw, train conductor’s hat).  I won a piece of art at an auction at Goodwill.  Mom  bought a book.

We went to  Allen’s Boot Shop on South Congress!!  It was so much fun trying on tons of different pairs.


It was so much fun, we decided to all get a pair!!


Mom’s have stars, Jill’s have flower and mine are motorcycle boots!!!

to be continued….

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