Barn Bling Wedding…

Saturday I helped Rachael with another wedding.  This wedding was so cool.   The contrast between the rustic barn and the elegance of the flowers and the bridal party was awesome!!!

The bride rode up in a horse drawn carriage.


The wedding was outside of the barn.


I snuck inside the barn to take this picture of the kiss!


The amazing bouquet!


The cocktail hour and food was inside the barn..


The dinner was out in the tent behind the barn.


have a look inside…


The tall centerpieces…


And the short centerpieces…p1070065

Rachael also fixed up the cake…


and my favorite picture…


What a fun wedding!!!  After the wedding we went to Inoz in Wimberly for dinner.  We had a great dinner and conversation.



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Jilly’s visit

3 goals for Jilly’s visit:     eat good food, stay busy and relax

Jill arrive on Thursday evening!!!  We took her to Stubbs for dinner.  We had some bbq!  Then we dropped Seth off at school and headed to The Domain to meet up with our aunt Kendra and cousin Lauren, who is stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, TXKendra is in town this week because Lauren is about to have her baby!!  We can’t wait for Aiden Mike Thompson to arrive!!



We enjoyed some coffee while sitting in rocking chairs outside…what a perfect night!!

Friday we did some  shopping in Austin.  We went to Monkey See Monkey Do, Parts & Labour, and New Bohemia.  Then we headed to the Hula Hut for dinner and drinks!  It was great sitting above the lake enjoying the company!!


Saturday we relaxed around the house.  Then i had to go to work for a few hours.   Jill took Max to the riverMax did some swimming and had fun with the other dogs.


Yes, Max has a life vest!

After I got home from work, we went to  TX Red’s  Steakhouse for dinner with Aunt Pat & Uncle Steve.  This is probably the best steakhouse in San Marcos! Good food, great conversation  with amazing people!

Sunday morning we went to Lake Austin (aka Lady Bird Lake) to do some canoeing!  I was skeptical at first.  But i must admit, i had a blast!


It was such a beautiful day!  It was cool and overcast!


View of Downtown Austin….


Downtown Austin


Jilly taking a break!  lol


Finally, a picture of all 3 of us on the lake!

After canoeing, we went to Chuy’s for lunch.  Chuy’s is yummy tex mex food.  We went to meeting,  then went to Grin’s for dinner with some friends.

Monday morning the news said:

The National Weather Service (NWS) has placed Hays County under a tornado watch until 1 p.m., and a flash flood watch until 4 p.m.

Oh great!  Last time Jilly was here Hurricane Ike was the threat!  Now this!

Jilly got packed up and we headed to Austin.  We stopped by Urban Outfitters, then to the airport.  It was pretty rainy and trafficky.   We got her to the airport in time and there were no delays!  We said our goodbyes.

I think we accomplished our 3 goals for the weekend.

Love ya Jilly!

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Circuit Assembly

This past weekend I went to my circuit assembly in San Antonio.   It was very good…here are some photos from the event.

Me and Rachael on Saturday:

dsc05059bRachael,Tamra and me on Sunday:


Saturday morning was wet and humid, so everyone’s hair was frizzy…lol

But it cleared up for lunch time.  We all ate outside at the picnic tables.


These are some of our new friends Gaylin and Misty, they just moved here from California!!  Instant bond!!!


Here are their cute kids, Micah and Ezra:


Here is another great family in my congregation! Dana & Sharon and the kids are Trevor and Maddy!


Me, Zita, Yvette and Michelle….why do the guys always have to mess up the good pictures??



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Day 2 helping Rachael w/flowers

Today I got to help Rachael again with flowers.  It was crazy how many flower arrangements needed to be made. Here is the back of my car, full of flowers and vases.


They all turned out awesome!!!


This one is my favorite, I did it all by myself…I am so proud of myself..


and this one too..


I zoomed in on the vase…


Here are some other arrangements made by Rachael:





This day was tons of fun!  It was actually very relaxing.


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Helping Rachael with flowers

Today I went over to Rachael’s house to help her with some centerpieces for a wedding she is doing on Saturday.  Rachael owns Corbyn’s Floral Design & Decor.

She does amazing work! I was glad to help out!  I worked on these centerpieces.   They are Pink Roses with Horsetail(looks like bamboo) and Green Button flowers.  I forget the names…sorry…


This is a larger centerpiece.  This will sit on top of a tall cylinder vase with lights and black rocks inside.


I was fun and actually relaxing!

If you or anyone you know is getting married, they should definitely check out Rachael’s talent!

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Max at the river

Some of our friends (Rachael, Joe and Corbyn) were going to the river to go fishing.  Max and I decided to go and watch.

I had never taken max to the river before, so i kept a close eye on him.  I don’t know if he can swim with his short legs! 🙂


This is San Marcos River,  I went tubing with the girls who visited us last year in this same river.    We crossed the bridge and watched Joe & Rachael fish.   Max chilling at the river…


The sun set and it was time to go…


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We finally got a car!!!

So, we have been sharing one car since we moved here. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but our schedules are so different it makes for planning, daily.


Monday morning –  I would watch Ava & Bella, seth would take the car to school in austin.  Seth would come home from school and wait for Ava & Bella to get picked up.  Then I would take seth to work, then go to work myself.   Then I would head back to Seth’s work to pick him up and take him home.

That is just Mondays…the other days can be more complicated..depending on what time i had to be at work (at the outlet mall).

After much frustration, we ended up buying a Jetta.  Its a used Jetta with 70k miles on it.  Not bad for a 1986!!!!

We bought it from a local mechanic friend of the family.   The car was originally owned by a carny and it was never used..only around town when the carny was home.


It drives really good.   The power windows work.  It has A/C and heat.

What more could you ask?

It reminds me of my Datsun 510 – same color blue!!  🙂


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