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Canyon Lake…

Seems like June flew by…

Seth & I got to go to the cabin in Canyon Lake with the family.  It was so beautiful and relaxing!  Here are some pictures from our day…

Seth and Uncle Steve relaxing with a beer while the steaks cook!


Ava and Aunt Pat


Bella enjoying a bottle …Wyatt in the background


Aunt Pat, Cindy and Ava making the sides for dinner…


Cindy, Bella and me at the river…


Close up of Bella…


Steve & Pat in the paddle boat  and Wyatt in the water…


Brad in a kayak…


Seth in kayak…


Ava doing some fishing…


The boys…


Great picture of Uncle Steve and Aunt Pat …


A wonderfully relaxing day….

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Babysitting the girls

This morning I got to watch Ava & Bella.   When they arrived it was pouring rain!   Seth got to stay home with us for a couple hours, since it was raining out.

Bella even held her own bottle today.


Here is Seth holding Bella for the first time.


I will begin to nanny for them in a couple weeks!

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Bella is here!

I have been a nanny for Ava since we moved to San Marcos..


and Ava’s mommy & daddy have been eagerly expecting the arrival of another little girl…


And on Thursday, November 6th at 1:16 pm Mary Isabella “Bella” arrived…


7 pounds 4 ounces and 21″ long.

More pictures added 11/11/08-



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Another Ava moment…

Today my grandma called and asked to speak to Ava. I handed the phone to Ava and this is how the conversation went….

I can understand most of her conversation, but i must admit that i know Ava Gibberish.

The doll in the picture is one i made today for Ava, i used this pattern.

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I finally fixed the commenting feature on my blog. I didn’t know that you had to create a wordpress account to leave a comment. Jilly brought it to my attention, so i fixed the setting. Now my friends, you can comment freely!!!!

Ava picking the grapes!!!


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Stomping Grapes…

Today I drove seth to work at aunt Pat’s vineyard. He was going to pick grapes today with aunt pat. When we arrived at the vineyard, Pat, Cindy (Pat’s daughter/seth’s cousin), Brad (Cindy’s husband) and Wyatt (Cindy’s son) were there. Ava saw her grandma (Pat) and got so excited! We jumped out of the car and went into the vineyard. As we walked around we noticed that almost the entire Zinfandel crop had been eaten! They appear to have been picked, eaten and the skins thrown on the ground. We walked around the perimeter of the vineyard and saw some holes in the fencing. They think it was a raccoon that broke in to the vineyard.

Something funny happened, Ava picked a grape, threw it on the ground (with force) and stomped it!

No one told her to do it, she must have heard us talking about stomping grapes and took the phrase literally.

Here is Seth walking through the vineyard.

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Texas Sunset…

Thursday, it poured and poured. I am not sure how much rain we got, but it only lasted Thursday till like 6pm~ish. I went outside around 7~ish and took a picture of the beautiful sunset.

What do you think?

Friday, Ava and I went to the library for some craft time! She had a blast, as did i. She was playing with the glue, but didn’t know what to do with it. I took her hand and squeezed a bunch of glue into her hand…her eyes got so big and she smiled! I stuck some papers to her hands and she realized that they stick!

After awhile she asked to wash her hands. She is a neat freak already, I love it.

We also got to look at some books while at the library. Ava was amazed at how many books there were.

She is so much fun!

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