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Canyon Lake…

Seems like June flew by…

Seth & I got to go to the cabin in Canyon Lake with the family.  It was so beautiful and relaxing!  Here are some pictures from our day…

Seth and Uncle Steve relaxing with a beer while the steaks cook!


Ava and Aunt Pat


Bella enjoying a bottle …Wyatt in the background


Aunt Pat, Cindy and Ava making the sides for dinner…


Cindy, Bella and me at the river…


Close up of Bella…


Steve & Pat in the paddle boat  and Wyatt in the water…


Brad in a kayak…


Seth in kayak…


Ava doing some fishing…


The boys…


Great picture of Uncle Steve and Aunt Pat …


A wonderfully relaxing day….

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Jilly’s visit

3 goals for Jilly’s visit:     eat good food, stay busy and relax

Jill arrive on Thursday evening!!!  We took her to Stubbs for dinner.  We had some bbq!  Then we dropped Seth off at school and headed to The Domain to meet up with our aunt Kendra and cousin Lauren, who is stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, TXKendra is in town this week because Lauren is about to have her baby!!  We can’t wait for Aiden Mike Thompson to arrive!!



We enjoyed some coffee while sitting in rocking chairs outside…what a perfect night!!

Friday we did some  shopping in Austin.  We went to Monkey See Monkey Do, Parts & Labour, and New Bohemia.  Then we headed to the Hula Hut for dinner and drinks!  It was great sitting above the lake enjoying the company!!


Saturday we relaxed around the house.  Then i had to go to work for a few hours.   Jill took Max to the riverMax did some swimming and had fun with the other dogs.


Yes, Max has a life vest!

After I got home from work, we went to  TX Red’s  Steakhouse for dinner with Aunt Pat & Uncle Steve.  This is probably the best steakhouse in San Marcos! Good food, great conversation  with amazing people!

Sunday morning we went to Lake Austin (aka Lady Bird Lake) to do some canoeing!  I was skeptical at first.  But i must admit, i had a blast!


It was such a beautiful day!  It was cool and overcast!


View of Downtown Austin….


Downtown Austin


Jilly taking a break!  lol


Finally, a picture of all 3 of us on the lake!

After canoeing, we went to Chuy’s for lunch.  Chuy’s is yummy tex mex food.  We went to meeting,  then went to Grin’s for dinner with some friends.

Monday morning the news said:

The National Weather Service (NWS) has placed Hays County under a tornado watch until 1 p.m., and a flash flood watch until 4 p.m.

Oh great!  Last time Jilly was here Hurricane Ike was the threat!  Now this!

Jilly got packed up and we headed to Austin.  We stopped by Urban Outfitters, then to the airport.  It was pretty rainy and trafficky.   We got her to the airport in time and there were no delays!  We said our goodbyes.

I think we accomplished our 3 goals for the weekend.

Love ya Jilly!

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I’m going back to Cali…

That’s right, I finally get to go back home!   It has been 6 months!! I am so excited!!

I have been making my packing list and trying to figure out the weather there.  It looks like it will be in the 60s while we are there, which should be very comfortable.

I am so excited to see my family and friends.  I can’t wait.

We  arrive Wednesday, Jan 7th and go back to TX on Monday, Jan 12th.

Its a short trip, but it will be a busy trip.dsc04152


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The past week…

This past week i have been stressed, sad, excited and nervous…why?

Wednesday I delivered a bunch of resumes and applications throughout the outlet mall.  I got interviewed on the spot by L’Occitane.

Thursday night Seth spent the night with his grandpa and grandma.  To help grandpa if he needed any help over night.

Friday hospice was called in and that night Seth’s parents, brother and sister flew into town.

Saturday morning his grandpa passed away.  Seth’s other sister and her husband flew into town.

Sunday morning Seth’s sister’s husband flew into town.

Monday I got hired by L’Occitane for part time seasonal work.

Tuesday I took Seth’s mom and sisters thrif shopping, then to the viewing of the body at the funeral home.

Wednesday we went to the funeral and to the burial.  Grampa zink had a burial with full military honors. After the burial we went to river walk in San Antonio, then back to the graveyard so Seth’s mother could see her mother’s grave (she had never seen it before).

This morning Seth got up at 5am to take his family to the airport.

It has been a long week, I feel like i need a vacation now…


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Visiting the Grandparents..

Yesterday we went to New Braunfels to visit Seth’s Grandparents…

We had a great time visiting with them and listening to their stories.

While we were there, a huge storm arrived!

It was raining so hard that we got drenched walking to the car (about 7-8 feet away).

Then on our drive home, the rain was coming down in sheets! It was cool. We had to drive about 5-10 mph.

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Today i saw the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 it was very cute. It made me realize the importance of friends and family. It made me so homesick, i cried like 3 times during the movie, then again when i got home.

I miss all my friends and family very much…

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good food, good times, good friends, goodbye…

Saturday, my sister Jill had a wonderful family brunch at her house. It was so great to see everyone all together again before we left. I got to see my mom, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws. It was such a great time and great food. We had homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, awesome potatoes, fruit salad and coconut pudding. Yummy.

Sunday, we were invited over Nikki and Sean’s house for a BBQ. On the drive up, it hit me that I am moving away….I know I am moving, but it finally hit me that i am leaving California….I won’t be able to jump in the car and go to see my friends anymore. I got all teary eyed on the drive up.

Once we arrived, I felt better as i got to see a bunch of our good friends. I got to chat with Adria, Melody and Nikki. It was awesome to just sit outside and enjoy the evening.

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