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Canyon Lake…

Seems like June flew by…

Seth & I got to go to the cabin in Canyon Lake with the family.  It was so beautiful and relaxing!  Here are some pictures from our day…

Seth and Uncle Steve relaxing with a beer while the steaks cook!


Ava and Aunt Pat


Bella enjoying a bottle …Wyatt in the background


Aunt Pat, Cindy and Ava making the sides for dinner…


Cindy, Bella and me at the river…


Close up of Bella…


Steve & Pat in the paddle boat  and Wyatt in the water…


Brad in a kayak…


Seth in kayak…


Ava doing some fishing…


The boys…


Great picture of Uncle Steve and Aunt Pat …


A wonderfully relaxing day….

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Babysitting the girls

This morning I got to watch Ava & Bella.   When they arrived it was pouring rain!   Seth got to stay home with us for a couple hours, since it was raining out.

Bella even held her own bottle today.


Here is Seth holding Bella for the first time.


I will begin to nanny for them in a couple weeks!

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Visiting the Grandparents..

Yesterday we went to New Braunfels to visit Seth’s Grandparents…

We had a great time visiting with them and listening to their stories.

While we were there, a huge storm arrived!

It was raining so hard that we got drenched walking to the car (about 7-8 feet away).

Then on our drive home, the rain was coming down in sheets! It was cool. We had to drive about 5-10 mph.

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I forgot to mention this…..While at the ranch, Seth said he was “Fixin’ to go somewhere.” I just about died laughing when he said it. He didn’t even realize he said it. lol

What is funny about it is that he likes to make fun of me all the time and i FINALLY got him!!!

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