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Salt Lick

Monday we went to the Salt Lick for Dinner.  It is the best BBQ in Texas!!!!

Its all you can eat…

Gotta clean your plate!

A little full?

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There is no basement in the Alamo….

Sunday, we went to San Antonio.  We visited the Alamo.

It was much smaller then I had imagined.

Then we went to the Guinness World Record Museum.

Seth standing in the Largest Man cut out.

Robin standing in the Tallest Man cut out.

It was pretty cool to check out the world records.

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the thrifty cowgirl

Robin and I went thrifting today.  We went to the local goodwill and the Family Thrift in Austin.

We found some amazing stuff!

Here is what we found at Goodwill:

I got brand new brown sandals, a Green tank and a star scarf!

Robin got a dress, leather boots, an owl tray, a belt, a flannel, a crochet blouse, a bandana and 2 necklaces.

Then we went to Family Thrift in Austin, this is what we got:

I got a beige tank, a silk red skirt, a pink dress and a Texas Longhorns Bag!

Robin got another pair of leather boots, a leather bag and another flannel.

It was a great day of thrifting!!!  We got home and had to dress robin up as a cowgirl

What a hottie!!!!


We are exhausted after a long day…..

Max and Robin are pooped!

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Robin is in town!

I picked up my sister Robin from Austin Airport yesterday.  She came armed and ready with her camera prepared to take photos of deer and other Texas stuff.  Last month, Robin went to Peru with some friends.   She bought me the most amazing purse.  It is made from Alpaca Wool.

Aren’t the colors great!  I can’t wait to fill it up with my stuff!

She also bought me a magnet…

It says “Today I am” and then you put the little blue box on your mood.  She said i was little miss Chatterbox yesterday.

When were were younger, our parents bought us these books.  Can you guess which one they bought me?

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Martha Stewart Blog

Martha did an entire episode on blogging…

Martha Stewart

Very interesting…

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Ike is gone…

I found a great website that has pictures of hurricane Ike.

Check them out!  Click Here

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I Miss You So…

All good things must come to an end, yesterday we drove to Austin to drop off Jill, Tia and Maureen at the Austin Airport.  I held it together, then i shed my tears.

We had expected for them to get stuck here because of Hurricane Ike.   Ike turned out to be a dud for us here in San Marcos.   Last night we got a little drizzle of rain and a little wind.

I got a lot of calls/emails from concerned friends and family, which made me feel loved

I wanted to show where we were in comparison to the hurricane.

We are located at that red star.   We are directly above the little tail of texas.

Ike is now a Tropical Storm.

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